Gas Price Comparison

Winter has just arrived and it is time to turn on your geyser for warmer water. To keep your house environment cozier, you have to switch on gas heaters. Certainly the usage of heaters and geysers make your meter reading faster, ultimately taking your gas bills to the peaks.

Sometimes, despite careful usage and saving, people in US are charged with unexpectedly high gas bills. Let’s find out what could be the most probable reasons of this sudden increase in the gas prices.

  1. Sudden Price Hike by the Retailer

Sometimes, you might see a sudden rise in your gas bills because the retailer may have increased the gas prices during a billing cycle.

  1. Back Billing

Some of the energy supplying companies may include the charges for more than one billing cycle (e.g six months instead of three months) and or sometimes you are charged for the bills for which you have been undercharged in the initial few months.

  1. Unpaid Concessions

When you are entitled to concession for any billing system error or outdated information but in actual, no dispensation is applied practically. In such a situation you either need to personally visit the energy providing company and enter your complaint or send an email.

  1. Unpaid Discounts

The discounts that you are entitled to receive, when not paid on time, you might see a sudden increase in your gas bills.

  1. Leakage

Sometimes, the fault may be in your own wiring because any leakage or loose fitting of the pipes may result in the leakage of the gas, ultimately increasing the reading of your gas meters.

  1. Poor Comparison

Perhaps, you compare the gas companies using wrong parameter which result in poor selection of gas supplier. You not only need to compare gas company prices but also their overall services and other discount and concession policies.

Here are some ways and methods using which you can bring down your gas bills in winters to greater extent.

  • Compare Rates on Deals on Power

Deals on Power provides you detailed guide about different energy suppliers. Using this website, you cannot only compare gas price but can also compare the prices of other utility bills. Here the thorough detail about different US companies lets you decide which supplier best suits your needs and budget.

  • See the Detail of Different Tariffs

Every power and energy supplying company in the US provides some kinds of deals, tariffs and discounts. The tariff plans of different energy supplying companies provide you detailed information about different packages. You can easily observe and compare gas prices of different companies by finding the detail of each package. Every package is valid for certain time period.

By using our website, you can even compare gas rates of your own area by clicking on the option ‘compare the gas prices in my area’. By comparing gas prices of different companies using Deals on Power data, you can select the best gas tariff plan.