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  • Instant Save on Your Current Bill
  • No Upfront or Hidden Charges
  • Free Cancellation
  • Free Customer Support
  • Approved by The State’s Public Utility Commission


Are you switching my current company?

No, there will be no change. Your utility provider will still remain the same, read your meter and send your bill each month just like right now, only difference you will see is savings in two to three billing cycles, and the name of our company and lower rates appear in the supply portion of your bill, since we are only becoming your supplier to bring you these savings, Your utility provider will continue to be your provider.

What if I am not happy with what I get? Is there a cancellation fee?

Our goal is to keep you completely satisfied so that you will not want to cancel the program you have selected. But if you do change your mind at anytime you are free to cancel, and there are absolutely no costs to switch over or any type of cancellation fees.

I am happy with my current service and the reliability of my Utility Provider. Will you change my provider?

We appreciate that you are comfortable with the service and the reliability of your utility company. One of the great aspects of our supply program is that you do not leave your utility company at all. They will continue to deliver your electricity, read your meter, respond to any emergencies and bill you each month, just as they do now. Only difference you will see is savings in two to three billing cycles.

I don’t want to risk my electricity being shut off.

I can certainly understand your concern. Enrolling with us will in no way affect your continuing electricity supply. Your utility will still deliver your electricity to your home/business, continue to monitor, maintain and provide all the services just as they do for you today. If for some reason there is a power outage or cut off, you would still contact your utility company directly to find out the reason.

Are you guys providing new connections as well?

No, We are sorry, we are not providing new electricity or gas connection at the moment. This offer is only for those who already have an active Utility Provider.

In which states this promotion is applicable?

Currently we are only providing services in Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.


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